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Soul Song - Sounding Our Healing Voice

With Arianne de Vos Burchart

What is a Soul Song? In essence, it is our purest form allowed out through the sound of our voice. Giving ourselves permission for our deepest voice to be fully expressed in the moment. Our personal frequency manifested into the world. By doing this many layers of our truest being can be revealed uncovered and newly addressed.

How often haven't we been silenced by others or ourselves, due to cultural, community or family situations or behaviours? How many times haven't we been silencing ourselves due to the sake of social norms of politeness, unwritten rules of behaviour or political correctness? All of these silencings bring repression to our system, bring unnecessary tension to our being in various layers. By sounding our Soul Song we tap into the hidden power of our truest Self, healing 

Through our voice finding 'the way home to ourselves' encourages us to connect to our own the healing vibration that helps us further to continue to find our way.  When gathering together in Sound, we can, from our truest vibration, reinforce our connection to 'the Whole - Oneness' together. 


In Soul Singing, it is not that our true self has been lost, but that our voice has been neglected, yearning to come out, to be heard and blended with all other frequencies. Finding the way back home in full heart-opening joy. Welcoming our full, true self forward into the world, and connecting again with this world from which we were never truly disconnected.

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27 September 2019, 18:15 - 19:45


Arianne de Vos Burchart

€ 20



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