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SoulSongs Concert


Channeling music 

We are honoured to welcome SoulSongs at Delight and very grateful that they share their talent with the world.  
Soul Songs is a magical experience by Lex Empress & Gilian Baracs, who will take you on a wonderful musical adventure based on the input the audience provides in verbal and non-verbal ways.

Singer Lex Empress takes improvisation to the next level by adding her ability to see beyond this reality and combining it with very good singing. Together with virtuoso pianist Gilian Baracs they have developed the art of making healing music sound like stuff you could hear on the radio. 

During the evening they are asking people - that feel need it - to come forward. Lex and Gilian give this person a reading in the form of a song. Totally 'improvised'; they let the notes and words flow through. Either you will have your one Soul Song or you feel the songs of others are also shared for you; there is always a song that resonates! 

Apart from all this magic, Lex's voice is like an angel voice, very heart opening just to listen to! 

The improvisation of Soulsong brightens the room, enlightening the path to follow, cleaning the heart all through the simple intuitive expression of what Is.
They have a good portion of humor and heaps of compassion. The room can go from intense laughter to being in tears without it ever becoming awkward.

This is a must experience!  

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