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Strength, Grace, Empowerment, and Flow - Den Haag


A workshop of mindful and skillful yoga practice with James Higgins. His classes are designed to engage the participants from the core and depth of their being on multiple levels following a series of diverse practices designed to align the students physical, mental, emotional and spiritual centers to their optimal wellness. Through informed asana instruction, guided meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama, and set periods of restorative rest and integration the student will have ample time to clarify their farthest reaching positive intentions and release any hidden tensions which may be causing any physical limitations, pain, trauma, fatigue, depression, or unhappiness. The periods of meditative rest will assist in taking the necessary time to absorb and assimilate the deep work one will be doing on a soul level. The practice periods are specifically created for personal development and healing by further establishing an authentic connection to their unique and personal source of inspiration and wholeness. Each workshop will be based on a similar template of engaged instruction however the asana sequencing will be different in each session.


Finding and discovering dormant resources of our inherent goodness through the gift of grace will lead the way through any resistances that could possibly arise. Softening further into love, care, and kindness as the foundations of our spiritual work as yogi’s will be instilled throughout the workshop. There will be some challenging asana sequences however none will be led to overwhelm the students capacity but designed to explore the very thresholds of ones ability to focus, engage, release, let go, enjoy, and rest in a good hearted way. 


All levels welcome.

This workshop will also be given in Amsterdam, click here for more information.

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