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Sun Salutations Workshop

With Peter Roussel

Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar is one of the primary practices of yoga as we know it in the modern world.


The salutation to the sun is many things at once:

  • Devotional dedication or prayer to Lord Surya
  • good warm up, tough work out
  • practice to synchronise breath and movement
  • works the body to open and strengthen at the same time
  • works the upper body and lower body
  • Improves co-ordination and concentration
  • Practice together in rhythm


Surya Namaskar is practiced in many different forms in different traditions, including Astanga, Vinyasa an Hatha yoga. Modified versions can also be used in restorative ways. In this workshop we look at the most common versions and sequences of this practice. 

  • We will explore common elements
  • We will explore the type of breathing to use
  • We will explore the timing of the breath
  • We will explore safe ways to progressively build upper body strength
  • We will break down the key postures commonly used
  • We will look at common risks and how to manage according to your ability
  • We will show how this practice stands alone as a simple self practice, at what ever level you are at
  • We will show where it can go as you progress


The workshop will progress from beginners level into more and more challenging sequences. Therefor this workshop is accessible and can be of interest to students of all levels. 


The skills learned during this workshop will be useful in many class types and will also support your self practice at home.

Date / Time




02 July 2017, 14:00 - 17:00


Peter Roussel



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About Peter Roussel

A new level of self enquiry started with spontaneous insights in hot spring in the Himalaya 1998. On returning to UK at the age of 23, Peter was gifted yoga classes that sparked fervent practice of Astanga until he completed Yoga Arts TT under Louisa Sear in 2001. Three more teacher trainings and many workshops since, Peter learned the structure and knowledge of Iyengar Yoga with Glenn Ceresoli.