Taught by expert teachers in their specialized field

Besides lovely national teachers and musicians we’re happy to welcome
international teachers and musicians on a regular basis.

We hope to support and inspire your inner journey.

Workshops - Yoga & Ayurveda (50 hrs) Fully

Yoga & Ayurveda (50 hrs)

With Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

Starting on 23 January 2019

Yoga & Ayurveda are really impossible to bring apart, they are inseparable brother and sister, they are the union of the Universal Wisdom. The union of these two sciences brings forth a system of healing for physical, mental and spiritual health and happiness. The best way of learning and integrating anything into our life is through direct experience.


€ 695

Workshops - Open Day: Ayurveda Practitioner Training Afternoon Experience Fully

Open Day: Ayurveda Practitioner Training Afternoon Experience

With Coen van der Kroon & Martine van Beusekom

08 February 2019

In order to give you more insight in the Ayurveda Practitioner Training (APT) study program, we offer an Orientation Day including two Ayurveda mini-lectures.


€ 15

Workshops - Pranayama Workshop Fully

Pranayama Workshop

With Sri Sudhir Tiwari

19 February 2019

We're very happy and honoured to welcome Sri Sudhir Tiwari back to teach at Delight Yoga. Due to a great demand and the growing understanding in the importance of Pranayama in our daily life, Sri Sudhir Tiwari is coming back to Amsterdam to offer this half day workshop.


€ 50

Workshops - Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop Fully

Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop

With Martine van Beusekom

Starting on 22 February 2019

This Ayurvedic Cooking workshop is a beautiful way to get familiar with the basics of Ayurvedic cooking and nutrition. In this 3-day workshop, you will learn about nutrition and its benefits through an Ayurvedic lens, by experiencing both theory and practice in a hands-on cooking day.


€ 250

Workshops - Academy Open Day  | Ayurveda Fully

Academy Open Day | Ayurveda

With Various Teachers

06 April 2019

We are organising another Academy Open Day for all students who like to deepen their Ayurveda practice and are thinking about joining the 4-years Ayurveda Practitioner Training (APT). Get a chance to meet teachers of the APT and ask any questions you might have about the study program.



Workshops - Ayurveda : The Art of Mindful Eating Fully

Ayurveda : The Art of Mindful Eating

With Liese van Dam

13 April 2019

New to Ayurveda? This workshop about Ayurveda & the Art of mindful eating is the perfect way to begin (or reawaken) your Ayurvedic practice.


€ 35

Workshops - Exploring Ayurveda 3 day workshop Fully

Exploring Ayurveda 3 day workshop

With Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

Starting on 24 May 2019

We will dive into understanding the doshas, the energies we all have which allow for us to have a human body. Our physical body is our vehicle for our soul to have this earthly journey in.


€ 295

Workshops - The Dhatus: Divisions of Divine Love Fully

The Dhatus: Divisions of Divine Love

With Dr. Robert Svoboda

Starting on 01 June 2019

We are very honored to welcome the world-famous speaker and author Dr. Robert Svoboda for a two-day workshop about the Dhatus. In this spiritual yet practical workshop you will learn how our physiology and mind are a reflection of our divine intelligence and love.


€ 160

Workshops - Ayurvedic Nutrition Course I Fully

Ayurvedic Nutrition Course I

With Liese van Dam

Starting on 20 September 2019

This Ayurvedic nutrition course is for those who want to know what Ayurvedic nutrition can mean for them in a modern Western life. Going deeply into the basics of classical Ayurvedic nutrition, this course translates ancient knowledge into whatever is needed here and now in the West.


€ 990