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Workshops - Wisdom in Business - Meditation workshop

Wisdom in Business - Meditation workshop

With Maarten van Huijstee

02 April 2017

Welcome to Wisdom in Business, a platform to empower business and creative leaders to handle the rising stress levels, increasing demand for innovation and ongoing societal instability.



Workshops - Full Circle - Sound, Silence, Being

Full Circle - Sound, Silence, Being

With Juno Burger

07 April 2017

Full Circle is a 360 experience that unites sound, silence and being. André Heuvelman plays the trumpet, Frans de Rond records all sound and silence, mixes it with soundscapes and feeds it back to the room real time.



Workshops - Introduction to Mindfulness Training (free)

Introduction to Mindfulness Training (free)

With Hans Kloosterman

08 April 2017

Experience what gives you energy This workshop is meant as an introduction to mindfulness and the 8-weeks Mindfulness Training beginners, which starts on 19 April 2017 at Delight Yoga Den Haag.

Den Haag


Workshops - Meditation workshop: the Fundamentals

Meditation workshop: the Fundamentals

With Kimberly Poppe

15 April 2017

This workshop will establish all the fundamentals needed to give you the confidence to practice meditation. It will explore both mindfulness and  awareness, using the breath as a support to help settle the mind, as well as exploring just allowing yourself to be, to rest, just as you are.

Den Haag


Workshops - 8-weeks Mindfulness Training 1.0

8-weeks Mindfulness Training 1.0

With Hans Kloosterman

Starting on 19 April 2017

You will learn to meditate independently and will learn techniques to take on an objective stance against thoughts, feelings, and physical experiences in order to gain insight in the cause and effect of your own behaviour and that of others.

Den Haag


Workshops - The Art of Meditation part 1

The Art of Meditation part 1

With Tijn Touber

29 April 2017

Longing for a calm mind and a warm heart? For more inspiration and flow? At work and in relationships? Under all circumstances? Tijn Touber has been teaching meditation for over 25 years.



Workshops - The Art of Meditation  - Part 2

The Art of Meditation - Part 2

With Tijn Touber

27 May 2017

Are you ready to deepen your meditation? We are happy to introduce you to the follow-up of the successful Art of Meditation workshop! In this follow-up workshop you'll dive deeper into the holistic aspects of meditation. Tijn will explain seven essential steps and initiations in life and how to activate these with simple meditation techniques - which you can use in every circumstance.



Workshops - Meditation workshop: Exploring the Senses

Meditation workshop: Exploring the Senses

With Kimberly Poppe

24 June 2017

This workshop will explore using the senses (primarily sound, sight and physical sensations) as a support for meditation. This practice helps to integrate the mindfulness, awareness and spaciousness of meditation into all situations in everyday life. 



Workshops - Astanga Yoga Weekend Workshop

Astanga Yoga Weekend Workshop

With Kino MacGregor

Starting on 11 August 2017

We are very honored to welcome back Kino for a long weekend of teachings in Amsterdam this summer. In her unique, inspirational and playful approach Kino helps all her students expand and deepen their understanding of yoga and life.



Workshops - Meditation workshop: Exploring Thoughts & Emotions

Meditation workshop: Exploring Thoughts & Emotions

With Kimberly Poppe

30 September 2017

This workshop will explore developing a different relationship with our thoughts and emotions, to be able to make friends with them and use them to our advantage, instead of being used by them.