Taught by expert teachers in their specialized field

Besides lovely national teachers and musicians we’re happy to welcome
international teachers and musicians on a regular basis.

We hope to support and inspire your inner journey.

Workshops - Birth Circle for an Active Birth

Birth Circle for an Active Birth

With Pascale Bonnet

04 March 2018

This circle will be an opportunity for pregnant women to experience the intimacy and empowerment of sharing their process with other women, in a safe and gentle environment.



Workshops - The Pranayama Journey

The Pranayama Journey

With Arno Nistal Ten Veen

10 March 2018

Do you want to be able to breathe freely and fully? Would you like to have more energy on a daily basis? Have your yoga classes showed you the importance of conscious breathing? Discover and free yourself from inhibited breathing patterns and learn to breathe fuller and deeper.

Den Haag


Workshops - Breathing in Ecstacy

Breathing in Ecstacy

With Arno Nistal Ten Veen

12 May 2018

Through a simple and deep breathing technique – Rebirthing – you will experience total relaxation, surrender and ecstasy! You will reconnect with your body and any tensions will be disappearing from your body with tingling sensations.