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The Core of Asana

With Peter Roussel

Why do we come into poses in Yoga? There are many postures and we often see the same postures in different styles of Yoga. What are these poses for? And how does practicing them impact our lives?

In this workshop we will consider answers to these questions at various levels, to begin with at the level of our personal health and personal evolution. From there we will discover how our practice impacts the bigger picture. We will go through the basic anatomy of the spine (and its magic) and how the limbs relate to this anatomy. From there we will explore the significance of the spine as a symbol of health, as a symbol of energetic alignment (as in the Chakra system) and as a symbol of our individual connection with the planet. 

In this workshop, you will broaden your perspective on your Yoga practice and start to understand why we do what we do in our poses. You will be better equipped to approach your practice in healthy and sustainable ways when it is clear what the purpose of each posture or sequence is.

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20 October 2019, 14:00 - 16:30


Peter Roussel

€ 35



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