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Tools for a Stress Free Mind

With Marije Paternotte

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Using Yin Yoga, Mindulness and Breathing techniques to help us managing stress in daily life.

We all know what stress feels like. Stress can be helpful to get things done or to run away when danger is imminent. Yet more often than not stress is an undesirable by-product of our busy lives. Instead of being productive, our brains seem to work on overload and we feel constantly overwhelmed. Stress not only affects our minds but also negatively influences our bodies and overall health, resulting in tightness in our muscles, weight gain (or loss), sleeplessness and illness, to just name a few. 

Changing our lives completely and working less is not always an option or even desirable. Therefore, knowing ways to mitigate your feelings of stress is a great asset. It is also helpful to understand what exactly creates stress, and why it affects us physically and mentally. 

 In this workshop you will learn and practice:
-    what stress is;
-    how stress affects our body, breath and mind, and why;
-    Yin Yoga postures that physically and energetically release tension from your body, and enhance your overall health;
-    Pranayama (breathing exercises) to calm your nervous system and boost your immune system; and
-    Mindfulness Meditation to clear your mind and enhance your brain capacity.

At the end of the workshop you will have an array of tools to manage stress that you can use everyday no matter where you are.

This workshop is for everyone – whether currently stressed, or not.
No yoga experience necessary.



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