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Transforming Stress & Burnout: Understanding & Loving Yourself

With Davide Piai & Kimberly Poppe

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Understanding stress and burnout means coming to understand and love ourselves more deeply. Embracing our personal experiences with mindfulness and compassion is central in the healing process toward rekindling our inner fire. In this special course, teachers Davide Piai & Kimberly Poppe will share what they have found most helpful in their own personal journeys through burnout. The course will include practical advice, guided meditations and learning opportunities about what leads to burnout, how to prevent it, as well as how to live a fulfilling post-burnout life. It is also a space to cultivate community—to connect with others facing similar challenges for encouragement and support! 

Includes six weekly classes and guidance for self-practice on the days in-between classes.

What can you expect? 

  • Understand what stress and burnout actually are, from a scientific and experiential perspective
  • So often we talk about it, but we don’t really know what they are physiologically and mentally, knowing what they actually are empowers us to be able to work with them
  • How to make friends with stress and through that to be less overwhelmed and fearful of it
  • Learning what causes burnout and how to make wise choices to prevent burnout or prevent it from reoccurring
  • Living with stress and/or burnout — sharing the power practical wisdom tools of meditation to help us understand our mind, our thoughts and emotions better and to be able to make friends with them
  • Practices of self-compassion so we can be gentle and loving, a good friend to ourselves, as we navigate our way through it/when we are suffering
  • Connecting with our true nature and genuine unconditional self-acceptance, self-love, and self-compassion — the deepest healing possible
  • Living with life post-burnout — learning to view it as an opportunity for growth and positive change

Victoria Hyndman will also be a guest teacher on the course sharing her deep wisdom of Ayurveda, specifically in relationship to working with stress and burnout, in light-hearted and practical ways that will profoundly support your healing journey.

You will be with a group of max. 13 participants to ensure personal attention. Everyweek the same group! 


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About Davide Piai & Kimberly Poppe

Kimberly Poppe Kimberly has been immersed in Buddhist study and practice for the last 20 years. She has received personal instruction and training from some of the greatest Tibetan teachers of our time who authorised her to teach. In addition, she has also studied with some of the leading scientists, pioneers and teachers of mindfulness, loving kindness and self-compassion in the West.

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