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Vinyasa Yoga & the Elements

With Moena de Jong

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Yoga asana is a very grounding way of providing accommodation for the functions of our mind and ego. Throughout the practice, we can pay attention to the impulses and feedback we get from the outside world. As the inner view gets more clear we can balance all the input that comes in through the senses (smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing) which relate with the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air & ether.

Bringing the outer and inner world together in balance, helps us to understand our desires, habits, and aversions. It brings us in the present moment at which point we are in harmony and at peace.

The five elements are interdependent transformations of consciousness, matter, and energy. They occur in the outside worlds but also inside of us. Each perception or sensation we experience is made out of a pattern of the elements.

Due to life’s circumstances and the constant changes, the effect is felt even in the most subtle form as the elements get out of balance. By understanding the qualities and relationships of the elements and recognize the effect of all of life’s impulses in our inner world can bring harmony in body and mind.

Every workshop of this series will be based on Vinyasa Yoga in relation to a specific element, through intelligent sequencing, we'll build up towards a peak pose (with modifications). Philosophy on the elements will be interwoven to understand yourself and your spiritual process better. Pranayama and Mantra are always included to clarify and illuminate our energy body.

The Earth Element - Forward Bends
The Play with Gravity 
27 February 2021

Earth (Prithvi) is a result of having packed everything together in a solid mass that obstructs movement. This element relates to smell; our primal instinct to find out if we’re safe. As the power of solidness may seem desirable, here we seek for lightness and clarity in a grouping form. In Asana practice forward bends learn us to be stable, solid, and grounded with a transparent inner view.

The Water Element - Hip Openers
The Play with Fluidity
20 March 2021

Water (Jala) is representative of a downward, contracting flow and corresponds to the sense taste. It describes the external movement of water in the outside world as well as of downward, waterline movement inside. Water has a rinsing, purifying quality.
In Asana practice hip openers stimulate the natural quality of water; which is the fluidity of body and mind.


The Fire Element - Twists
The Play with Devotion
17 April 2021

Fire (Tejas) is a hot, upward, expanding, and opening movement and relates with the sense sight. To look honestly at ourselves is a quality needed for discernment: what is truly nourishing in our life for spiritual growth.  In Asana practice twists help us to remove all nonessentials which don’t serve us to feel whole.


The Air Element - Heart Openers
The Play with Vulnerability
29 May 2021

Air (Vayu) is motion through both inner and outer space and establishes the form of movement from one point to another. The sense touch relates directly with Prana which is the breathing ground for the process of thought. Are we able to look at them or do we get caught up in the web of the mind? In Asana practice heart openers help us to dive in directly to our most vulnerable place. To connect to our strength we need to feel instead of think and face the constant motion of life itself.

The Ether Element - Balancing Poses
The Play with Void
3 July 2021

Ether (Akasha) represents the quality of radiant space. It corresponds with hearing and makes us able to really listen without being judgemental, which is a spiritual quality. To not identify the sounds we perceive. Ether is the most subtle of all elements. In Asana practice balancing poses help us to go within and listen to the subtle inner sounds.



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