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Wisdom in Business - Meditation workshop


Welcome to Wisdom in Business, a platform to empower business and creative leaders to handle the rising stress levels, increasing demand for innovation and ongoing societal instability.

In this Meditation workshop led by Maarten van Huijstee, we will start to explore the practice of meditation in an interactive and experiential way. You will learn how to meditate in such a way that it will prevent stress from taking a hold on you and your organization. 

Meditation helps us develop certain capacities that are necessary for creative and business leaders, such as focus, patience, clarity, insight, and perspective. It allows us to observe and detach from our thoughts and emotions, creating a steadiness of mind necessary for our work.

What you will learn during the 2-hour workshop:

  • What meditation is and what it is not.
  • Practice and learn two meditation styles: Focus Meditation and Awareness Meditation (see below)
  • A deeper understanding of the mind and its different aspects
  • How to cultivate a different relationship to your thoughts and emotions
  • How to establish a daily meditation practice at home, including how to create a space, the best time and how long to practice
  • Practical tips on how to integrate meditation into your everyday life


Meditation techniques that will be practiced

Focus Meditation
This meditation uses the breath, bodily sensations or sound as a support. 

The support provides a gentle focus point to anchor or steady the mind throughout the practice. As the mind gets distracted during meditation, we simply come back, again and again, to being aware of the breath or sound. This helps us to create new patterns, train the mind to become less distracted, and to regain a sense of distance from our thoughts and emotions—finding greater peace and stillness within.  

Awareness Meditation 
This meditation guides students to rest in a place of being. 

It is a gentle guided meditation that helps us find more spaciousness and peace in the mind. By allowing ourselves to observe the 'doing' this meditation focuses on the awareness of ‘being’, and allows us to become more connected to the true nature of the mind—which is pure, still, creative, and open.

Including a day in the Akasha Spa

This workshop includes acces to a day in the Akasha Spa at Conservatorium Hotel. So before or/and after you can let go and relax.  


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