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Wisdom of Immortal Life


We are very happy and honored that Ven Maratika Rinpoche is coming to Europe to give teachings at Delight Yoga, and offering us a living connection with one of the most sacred places on earth. You are heartfelt invited to attend.

Come to get the blessings, inspiration and confirmation that is possible to be a true Human Being this life time. Come to meet a living ambassador of the Buddhas 

Direct from Pure land Ven Maratika Rinpoche will be with us, Rinpoche means "Precious One" and he is  a Dharma guardian of one of the most sacred places on Earth where the very Source of Wisdom and Liberation for humans beings reside, the nectar of immortal life, true Liberation.

All the great Dharma Masters come to this place in Nepal to retreat and reconnect to the Dharma a living source of Healing, clarity and empowerment, including the Dalai Lama, and all the linage of his great Masters. 

Don't miss this unusual opportunity to meet, be part and connected to this invisible web of Light in the world that need to heal so much right now.

This is a Call to all to aspire to Be part of the Next Generation of Human Being on Earth

Namaste Satya 

The teachings of Ven Maratika Rinpoche inspire us to realise a completely courageous approach to life, without  attributes and even without self-identity concepts, and from that point of fearlessness to reach out to those who are still caught in the web of suffering. 

Maratika Cave is a place known as the source of the wisdom of Immortal Life. The history go  back to Guru Padmasambhava, one of the most important Buddhas in Tibetan Buddhism, it is said to have realised ‘Immortal Life’ together with his consort Mandarava at the Maratika Cave. But even before this happened, the cave and its surroundings were known to be a sacred place by Hindus and Buddhist practitioners. The universal ‘Long Life teachings of Immortal Life ‘are the very source of liberation (moksha) and the quintessential of Yoga. And this is what forms the essence of Maratika Cave. 


When Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj visited the Maratika Cave and the Monastery in the winter of 2014/15 in Eastern Nepal, they felt a strong call to help protect the sacred roots of those teachings and to support the community and it’s surrounding. They therefore set up the Maratika Foundation in 2015.


'I felt like if I was entering the womb of the planet, a place where not only our origin as human beings but the origin of life itself could be felt’ said Katiza Satya about her visit to the cave.


Learn more about Maratika Cave and Monastery:  


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