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World Ayurveda Day



The Center of Diplomacy and Soft Power of India has announced the 13th of November as World Ayurveda Day and we as Delight Academy are happy to be part of this very special event. We will put this very ancient Science of Life in the limelight worldwide on this day. Ayurveda as a holistic health system is more actual than ever offering solutions for the modern human being all over the world and that is worth celebrating! The theme for this year is ‘Ayurveda in 2030’.


We will welcome the following speakers for this special online event:

  • Dr. David Frawley - an long standing close connection to our academy
  • Dr. Claudia Welch - has been teaching in our academy with Dr. Robert Svoboda, another kind of mentor of our institute
  • Dr. Eduardo Cardona - author of just publish "Ayurveda for Depression”, MD and currently living in Berkeley, personal friend of mine 
  • Dr. Vijith Sasidhar - one of our main teachers, friend and colleague of Dr. Ram Manohar; Dr. Vijith is also the Medical Director of our academy
  • Dr. Janardhana Hebbar - on our team of contributors in terms of our academy’s textbooks
  • Dr. Alaknanda Rao – Senior Faculty Delight Academy 
  • Satya Katiza and Kevin Sahaj - the two managers and the inspirers of our associated Yoga department.
  • One of our graduated students, now an Ayurveda Practitioner
  • Gita Desai on her just published documentary Ayurveda Unveiled, with a trailer of the film
  • Supported by Mr. Venu Rajamony - ambassador of India in the Netherlands

​Hosting by Coen van der Kroon

There are some prices to win with our World Ayurveda Quiz!

We kindly invite you already to visit the website for interesting information and check out the partners involved in this event.



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