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Yin Yang Intensive: Connecting Earth & Sky

With Arianne de Vos Burchart

There is no such thing as absolute Yin or absolute Yang. The one is always in relation to the other. The same objectives can have different qualities in different situations.

These forces of feminine and masculine energy are here for us to bring balance, to come into our center, to help us find peace.

During this intensive you will be given tools to integrate into your practice or teaching. You will get a deeper understanding of what it means to find your centre, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You will be challenged to be creative and step off the mat, out of the box, into your full being. To come home. 

Each workshop has it's unique theme: 

Saturday 25-08: Weight & Flow

On this day we will play with the concept of weight in various ways to explore our capacity of sensing ourselves as a presence in relationship, e.g. to earth, gravity, self and other. 
Noticing that with moving from this awareness, this presence can give intention and identification. 

When truly anchored in that presence, we can shift and play with the opposing qualities that weight brings. We will look at how we can use it for ourselves and others to bring balance to the system. 

Flow often deals with feeling how one controls or releases their emotions. We can deal with flow in a free or in a bound way. So what is it that flows? We will address different forms of chi and chi flow and explore their currents.

Saturday 13-10: Space & Time 

During this day we will explore our sense of space and time. When we relate to space, it is often connected to where we direct our thinking, our attention. How we use our intellect, ideas and perception.

Space in movement is environmental, recurring back to the sense of self. Space in its extremes can be experienced internal or external. Combined with time, we tap into our intuition and decision making,  knowing the right moment to act. Time in movement can be either sustained or quick. It requires a reinvestment in the present moment, into the now. And as we are reinvesting in the present moment and arrive to the now, we arrive to being.

Although joining two days is highly recommended, it's also possible to join only one days. 

Date / Time




25 August 2018, 11:00 - 17:30


Arianne de Vos Burchart



13 October 2018, 11:00 - 17:30


Arianne de Vos Burchart



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