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7 - March To love yourself

How would you feel if you would become your own best friend? To stop chasing an ideal and perfect picture, but to love all the aspects of you, right now? Wouldn't that be much more peaceful and fun, than the tension we create within us by criticizing ourselves all the time? When we were little babies, we knew we are love itself, but as we grow up we often forget this. This workshop is just a reminder: you are what you are looking for. Love.

This workshop invites you to leave self-criticism behind, and move into the direction acceptance and love for yourself. Irene shares practical meditation tools you can use in your daily life. These simple yet profound Tibetan meditations can help you to get back into your heart and a state of peace. Irene is very passionate to share these practices with you, as they had (and still have) a big impact on her own life! And through a relaxing Yin Yoga sequence, we connect and feel our bodies. Not to fix the body, but just to be with it and love it as it is. Stretches and poses are not a goal in itself, more a gateway towards connecting with yourself. During the poses, we are reminded to quiet down, to soften and to surrender. So we can hear our inner voice, that is full of wisdom, speak.

At the end of this journey; you lay yourself down in a very comfortable position and close your eyes. From her heart, Irene will share healing mantras and sounds for you to enjoy!


26 September - Abundance & Gratitude

This workshop invites you to open yourself up to the abundance of the Universe. Everything we need and are looking for is already here, but often we don't see it because we focus in the wrong direction; the direction of lack and scarcity. When you turn this cycle around, you can move into a new life full of abundance and prosperity! Therefore, in this workshop, we focus on gratitude and receptiveness. Once we are truly grateful for that which is already present, our vibration rises which will attract even more of the good and beautiful things, situations and people into our lives. Effortlessly! Simple ancient Tibetan practices will be shared by Irene that can help you to open up to abundance. And if there happen to be any limiting beliefs on the way, through another practice we learn to remove those beliefs. So that you can live a life in freedom and with joy!

The Yin Yoga sequence during this workshop will help the body to open up and the mind to unwind. Through deep stretches, we learn to let go of control and allow life to flow through us. Irene will give you hints and suggestions if a pose does not feel good for your body. You are always free to change into a position that simply feels good to you.

At the end of this journey, you lay down, close your eyes and enjoy healing sounds and music, played for you by Irene. Her voice, guitar, handpan, and other instruments may help you to unwind and relax even deeper.


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