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Yin Yoga Immersion (50 hours)

With Daphne Luttger

In this 50 hours elective you will learn about the basic Daoist principles of Yin and Yang and how a yin practice can be very healing and beneficial on a mental, emotional and physical level.

You will gain insight about the anatomy and physiology of the human body and how skeletal variation is key to the fact that a person either experiences tension or compression while in a yoga posture. You will discover how we can influence mobility of the joints and tissues (yin), rather than focussing on the flexibility of the muscles (yang) around a specific area of the body.

You will go through a variety of yin poses (mainly floor poses), studying their functions and effects on the human systems, learning about their relatedness and developing skills to teach and to modify each posture to fit and support the individual’s needs.

During the program you will deepen your awareness of the practice on different levels of awareness – physical, energetical and mental – and learn how to apply these principles when teaching others. You will be introduced to the theory of the Chinese meridian and chakra systems, to deepen your understanding of the subtle body. You will experience directly these energetic aspects through asana and meditation practices.
Nutrition and bio individuality will also be discussed.

This program is based on the teaching of Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers.

Yin yoga is a deep meditative, quiet and energetic practice in which you stimulate, restore and expand the mobility of the joints and connective tissues in the body. This practice helps you cultivating more yin qualities like meditation in your daily life, enhances the chi flow and teaches you the art of letting go.

This program is for anyone already familiar with Yin Yoga, regardless if the intention is to teach, or simply deepen their own practice.

Program outline

  • Every day includes extensive yin and meditation practices
  • You will discover how Yin Yoga developed through modern and ancient wisdom and discuss the differences & similarities between Yin Yoga & other types of Yoga
  • You will dive into the basic anatomy & physiology of the human body, focusing on anatomical variation and learning how to support individual needs
  • You will gain insight into the basic principles of Taoism, Meridian & Chakras Theory, Nutrition and Bio Individuality
  • You will learn how to use Yin Yoga to support healthy functions on a mental, emotional and physical level
  • We will dissect key Yin postures, studying how to modify each posture to fit the individual’s needs
  • We will discuss the use of Props and learn how to adjust others in Yin postures
  • You will practice a variety of mind tools, such as self inquiry, mindfulness and meditation
  • You will develop the necessary skills to begin teaching Yin Yoga classes, including Mindful Meditation
  • You will practice sequencing and teaching in groups

Extra hours

After the 5-days immersion, you will have a couple of weeks to prepare for the final weekend. Expect to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours of study, practice and teaching alone and in a group, to get ready for the last weekend of the program.


  • Students are required to have practiced Yin Yoga regularly for a minimum of six months before registering for this program.
  • In preparation for the program, we also require the students to take an extra 10 hours of Yin Yoga classes or workshops (with a teacher and not online, ideally with the teachers at Delight Yoga).
  • Participants should be willing to deepen their own practice, as well as practicing teaching skills.


Required material that needs to be read/viewed before the start of the training and will be used as a reference during the program:

  • Book: The complete guide to Yin Yoga - Bernie Clark*
  • Book: The Key muscles of Hatha Yoga - Ray Long* 
  • Book: Mindfulness in plain English - Bante Henepola Gurerantana
  • DVD: Anatomy for Yoga - Paul Grilley*

* Available on

Additional recommended readings (not required):

  • Book: Thieme atlas of anatomy general anatomy and musculoskeletal system – Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher
  • Book: Insight Yoga- Sarah Powers
  • Book: Yin yoga principles and Practice- Paul Grilley
  • Book: The stone I love – Lisa Schumacher
  • Book: Soul Foods - Jack Kornfield and Christina Feldman
  • DVD: Yin Yoga - Paul Grilley

Date / Time




28 October 2017, 09:30 - 18:00


Daphne Luttger

29 October 2017, 09:30 - 18:00


Daphne Luttger

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About Daphne Luttger

Daphne’s search in the outside world has brought her to her inner world. In 2008 she decided to take the Astanga Yoga Teacher Training with Johan Noorloos and Marcel van de Vis Heil.