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Yoga Therapy for Stress & Burnout

With Inge Peters

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In our high paced way of life, the pressure to be successful in work, to lead an interesting social life, plus an overload of information picturing a perfect life and being a perfect human… it’s easy to get overwhelmed or even develop a burnout.  Often those suffering get stuck in the process and look for a (quick) fix, a way out, and are longing to go back to how they were and to fit in again. 

But isn’t the burn out a calling of life to change? A pointer that you’re not aligned with your natural rhythm? What is often needed is to slow down. The only way out is in. To live and move in a more natural way in harmony with your unique system.

This program is designed to address burnout and stress in daily life. We proceed from a Therapeutic Yoga approach, but also Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra are included in the practice. Inge Peters is teaching this course both from her own personal experiences as well as her knowledge from different fields of Yoga Therapy. 

Therapeutic Yoga uses aspects of traditional Yoga and Ayurveda (asana, pranayama, meditation, self-inquiry, self-care and the depth of Yoga Philosophy) to support the body and system in a specific way to create more well-being and balance.

In this weeks program, we will meet weekly for 90 min in a closed group. Within the safety of the group, we will meet, share, learn and grow. The program is set up in such a way that you'll learn to slow down and (re)connect with your body(system) to find a new balance in body-mind-heart connection and well being. 



  • Through the gentle practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation you can develop your own unique Sadhana to restore and build a deeper relationship with yourself
  • Through self-inquiry and philosophy as well as practical tools and sharing in the group, you will deepen the receptiveness of your inner world and learn from experience how to read/understand what the body or system needs. 
  • Through building trust, grounding in your natural field and inner strength slowly a new grounding field can be created to move forward in a new pace
  • Through acceptance, self-compassion and playfulness this ‘time out’ or ‘time in’ that a burnout requires it becomes a blessing and a unique opportunity for growth and transformation.

For who 
This program is for those who are either in a burnout or experience a lot of stress and overwhelm in daily life. Also, those who are recovering from burnout can join. Those who feel the desire for practical tools and direction and are open to looking through fresh eyes, who are willing to see the opportunity in this situation, and want to find a new balance in life. NB: No previous Yoga experience is required


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About Inge Peters

Inge Peters started practicing meditation in her early twenties. While being a filmstudent, she was looking for more peace of mind and for ‘Truth’, which led her to meditation. She studied at Brahma Kumaris, Rigpa (Sogyal Rinpoche) and practiced Vipassana meditation.

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