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Yogic Philosophy & Practice Workshop

With Shirley Woods

During this day of practice and philosophy of yoga, we will explore and discover how both worlds meet. The morning will be based on the practice of Vijnana Yoga. The afternoon will show us how the philosophy of yoga, through exploring traditional yogic text, is supporting  our practice. We will focus on the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. Surprisingly, with a bit of help, the texts become alive to us.

Meet a gentle and powerful yoga practice, the Vijnana* way - Just Sitting, Vayu, Pranayama and Asana. Discover how these elements come together to reveal wholeness in our practice of yoga and life. ‘Vijnana’ means understanding, the kind that comes from the inside, beyond words and thinking. Practicing mostly in flow and with a particular yet simple precision of alignment based on centre, the mind comes to rest. The asanas take form through the breath, the vagus.
*Read more about Vijnana yoga in Shirley's article on our blog!

No matter what type of yoga practice you have, you can apply the principles of Vijnana Yoga. In this morning we will address the basics, so all levels of practitioners with some experience of sitting in meditation, simple pranayama and asana are welcome.

In the afternoon, we will first take a broad overview of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, to give us the meaning of yoga and then zoom in on a few sutras, especially relevant to our practice. We will read together, in English and Sanskrit, discuss and chant.


This one day gives a taste of the 50 hr module Yogic Philosophy and Practice starting 21 January 2017.



What others say

"If you like to understand the yoga sutra's, the yoga philosophy, Shirley is the perfect teacher. She has a lot of knowledge, explains it very well and with so much joy.  Now I’m really able to translate it into my life!" 
​- Tieneke, Yoga & Philosophy participant

This training is really revealing for body, soul and mind. If you think you know how to move in and through the asanas, after this course you really know. Shirley explains how you can move yourself, by only using your breath and your attention on a certain body part (which is Vijnana yoga). I loved the mix of studying the yoga sutra's, practicing 'just being', pranayama and asana practice. I learned to connect with my body on a deeper level and I learned more about the wisdom of life. Very interesting! 
- Dolores, Yoga & Philosophy participant 

Date / Time




18 December 2016, 09:30 - 17:00


Shirley Woods



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About Shirley Woods

Shirley studies, practices and teaches Yoga in her studio Innerspace in Amsterdam. She was introduced to Astanga Yoga over ten years ago and now studies Vijnana Yoga (practicing from inside) with Orit Sen-Gupta.