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Online booking

To make sure you have a spot in your favourite class, we offer the possibility to book a class online. When you’ve booked a class, you can find this under ‘my classes’ in your account. If you don’t have an account yet, it’s easy to create one yourself. Click on Sign Up in the top-right corner and follow the instructions.

Here you’ll find all information about booking classes online:

  1. All classes are available for online booking 7 days in advance.
  2. You can only book classes online, so not by phone or at the reception.
  3. Your booking is valid until 5 minutes before the class starts. If you haven’t shown up by then, we assume you won’t be coming and we’ll give your spot to someone else.
  4. If booking online is no longer possible, you can still come to the studio. We always keep 3 spaces available for walk-ins. The walk-in spots become available no sooner than 30 minutes before the class starts.
  5. You can cancel your booking until 6 hours before the class starts. To do this, go to your account and cancel the class in your schedule.
  6. If you cancel within six hours before the class starts, this is a Late Cancel. You can do that 3 times per month. If you do it more often, we will suspend your privilege to book online for one month.
  7. If you have a Delight Membership, then you can have a “late cancellation” or “no show” for 3 times a month. In case this happens more often, your possibility for online booking won’t be available to you for the period of one month. In that case you can still use one of the 3 walk-in spots that are available for every class.
  8. If you have a (Introduction or Delight) Card, this class will be charged from your card.
  9. Please be on time, at least 10 minutes before class starts. This will insure your reserved spot, but you will also have enough time to prepare for your class.
  10. Membership termination: after the minimum term of three (3) months, a student’s Membership may be terminated every month. Cancellation of Membership must be communicated to Delight Yoga in writing on the fifteenth (15th) day of the last month at the latest. As we would love to help you explore all options we are curious to the reason for you cancelation, you can send an e-mail to

Eating and yoga

To avoid poor digestion, it’s highly recommended not to eat 2 hours prior to yoga practice. If you are very hungry, have something light, such as a fruit. As a rule: never practice yoga if you are too hungry, or too full. It’s also highly recommended to not drink within 30 minutes before, or during yoga practice. Furthermore it’s recommended to wait 30-45 before eating and drinking after yoga, to allow your mind and body to assimilate relaxation or shavasana.


If you can, have a refreshing shower before yoga, or wash your hands, feet and face. It’s not advisable to smoke before yoga. After practice, leave the sweat on your body so that the skin can re-absorb the eliminated hormones and minerals.

Menstrual Cycle

Respect the cycle of the body, and take it easy during your period. During the first days of menstruation avoid intense practice and especially inverse postures such as head- and shoulder stand. Also avoid intense belly movements such as in navasana (the boat) as well as strong backward bends and twists. Let the teacher know, and you will be given adapted postures.


Please let the teacher know if you have any injuries, pains or if you have had surgery that may be relevant to yoga practice. This could be anything: knee pain, back problems, high bloodpressure or other complaints.


We recommend our students not do yoga in the first trimester, and just to attend the Prenatal classes after the 3rd month. We give pregnancy yoga weekly, you can find them on our schedule.

Before entering the class, please always tell the instructor that you are pregnant or have just given birth, so that he / she can show you custom poses where needed.

Energy in movement

If you feel nauseous, have a headache or other complaints after yoga, it can be due to a variety of factors. Yoga postures or asanas stimulate many systems of the body, and elicit many processes, as for example, the elimination of toxins. When these toxins circulate through the body, you may experience physical effects. Other causes for feeling uncomfortable may be mental. Speak with the teacher for advice and guidance. It’s not abnormal to be emotional during or after yoga (sorrow, joy, anger, bliss, etc.). Observe arising and passing emotions and… breathe!

Clothing and props

Wear clean and comfortable clothes made of natural fibers. Practice yoga barefoot and remove jewellery and watches. We provide yoga mats and pillows to use during classes, but you are welcome to bring your own mat. It may also be useful to bring a towel and a blanket or shawl (for meditation and relaxation).


Please avoid wearing perfume during yoga practice, to help your breathing and as a courtesy to fellow students. We use incense in the studio to cleanse the air and steady the energy in the room.


Please respect the silence in the yoga room. When you enter the room, simply find yourself a mat and lie down in relaxation, so as to calm your mind and body before yoga. In order to ensure nice and quiet starts of classes, we kindly ask you to be present 10 minutes before the class commences.

Listen to yourself

Remember that it is your yoga practice and your body. Be patient and be mindful. Differentiate between ambition and enthusiasm. Meet your ambitions with calmness, curiosity and observation. Don’t push yourself too hard when pressing your body into postures. Listen to your body and get to know your own limits – respect yourself. Keep focusing on the essence of yoga practice: breathing and awareness.


All workshops

Academy Yoga | Open Day & Masterclass | Yoga Teacher Training - Online

With Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj

03 September 2020

The best way to learn is to experience. Delight Yoga Teacher Trainings provide a solid foundation for those who are seeking to explore the true gifts of yoga and share it with others.    Meet our primary teachers Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj and practice under their guidance. 


€ 15 € 22,50