Astanga Led

“Yoga is good for man because the physical body improves, the nervous system improves, the mind improves, the intellect improves...”

~Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Astanga yoga is a dynamic form of yoga

In the astanga led class the teacher leads the class through part of the primary series of the astanga yoga system – attentively, slowly and with focus.

Astanga yoga is a living tradition that has been passed down through a lineage of devotion to practical experience, experiment and study. Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois began his studies with Krishnamacharya in 1927 learning this method of practice. Together they formed the astanga yoga system whereby the sequencing of movement combined with the internal forms of the practice (breath, posture and drishti/steady gaze) enable the student to engage in a regular ritual of focused movement, creating space to be present. Traditionally the method is taught one-on-one as a self-practice within the supportive context of community

Aside from regular self-practice, following a led class a few times a month is encouraged to learn the correct vinyasa for the sequence. One vinyasa is a breath and a movement linked together. The different series are made up of a continuous string of vinyasas. There’s no need to remember all the vinyasas you have been instructed in the led class if your self-practice is part of it at this time. This is a dynamic and physically demanding form of focussed movement. Over time, you will build a familiarity with the sequence and poses, enabling you to explore the possibilities within each one and the practice as a whole.

We offer led classes at both beginners level for those who are new to practice, and all levels/experienced for those who are physically more advanced in their self-practice. 

We believe yoga is for everyone

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