“"In the practice of yoga, one can emphasize the body, the mind or the self and hence the effort can never be fruitless."”

~T. Krishnamacharya

A traditional yoga class to balance the body and mind

Hatha Yoga is a traditional yoga method that includes postures (Asana), breathing exercises (Pranayama), Meditation, Chanting and hand gestures (Mudra). The emphasis in Hatha Yoga is on balancing body, energy and mind.



In a Hatha Yoga class you move in a gentle way. The hatha yoga postures are designed to cultivate strength, flexibility, openness, balance and relaxation. The classes typically consist out of 50% active poses and 50% relaxing poses. Practicing Hatha Yoga on a regular base will allow prana (life force) to flow freely, reduce anxiety and stress, invite steadiness of breathing, clarity of mind, improve circulation and flexibility.


Hatha & Pranayama

We also offer Hatha & Pranayama classes. These classes can be quiet and meditative but also physical and challenging at times, with a strong emphasis on breathing. Yogic breathing exercises (Pranayama) are designed to harness the power of Prana to open and clear our energy channels (Nadis) for the purpose of removing the obstacles to higher awareness and to promote physical vitality. Pranayama offers a set of simple breathing techniques which help to cleanse and stabilizing body and mind. With a regular Pranayama practice, more vital energy is made available for the body and mind.



All workshops

A Summer Journey of Healing and Awakening - Online

With Kevin Sahaj

Starting on 06 June 2020

Four weekends of Sahaja Healing Yoga with Kevin Sahaj Wood using guided processes and meditations to free the mind, release tensions and heal the body, unblock stuck energy and emotions, explore sacred sexuality and awaken the spirit.

€ 90 € 60

Maha Sadhana - Online

With Andrei Ram

19 June 2020

We're very honored and happy to be organizing this 2 hour sessions with our dear friend and teacher, Andrei Ram.  This complete 2-hour Breath Based Hatha-Raja Session will include a flowing Vinyasa practice, some pranayamas (breath work), and kriya yoga techniques.  The practice will end with a prana-nidra relaxation.

€ 30 € 21

The Essentials of Yoga: a 21-day home practice training - Online Pre-Teacher Training

With Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj

Starting on 01 August 2020

Delight Yoga is now offering online opportunities for our students who wish to establish or deepen their personal home practice. We have designed a 50-hour training for everyone interested in learning how to practice Yoga in a balanced and intentional manner.

€ 350 € 245

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