Healing Yoga

“"Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind."”


Healing Yoga for Balance and Integration

Healing yoga is a series of practices synthesized from Tibetan Yoga, Chinese Qi Gong, Hatha Yoga, Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda. The practice is simple and easy to learn, anyone regardless of age and experience can benefit by following this method. 

Healing Yoga

The word "healing" means different things to different people. For some it might be helping heal a body injury or illness, for others it could be balancing an emotional or mental problem. To call a system of yoga "healing yoga" means that our body, emotions and mind must be included and integrated into the practices to address the essential point of healing. Essentially healing yoga works more on the energetic level so it is more subtle. To access healing we need to work with the pranic energies (life energy) in the body in relation to our life in the external world. If we can facilitate the harmonious flow of energy in our body, we start to heal physical, emotional and mental disturbances and find a meaningful and creative outer and inner life.


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Ayurveda & Women's Wellness - Online

With Victoria (Tory) Raven Hyndman

12 May 2021

Stress and pressure take their toll on our female system. Our hormones get out of balance and we lose the natural inner rhythm of our cycle and we can feel the weak connection we have with ourselves.


€ 35

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) Classes for Women

With Esther van der Sande, Katia Verreault & Samantha Shorter

Starting on 19 May 2021

Evidence-Based Practice, in group settings, meeting every Wednesday afternoon.   Trauma-Sensitive Yoga provides a safe place where people can begin to connect with their bodies, and their breath, in relation to the trauma.


€ 135

Healing Yoga Workshop: Raise Your Vibration

With Ingeborg Timmerman

06 June 2021

Join Ingeborg for an afternoon of raising our vibrations and expanding our consciousness. This will decrease our fear and can support our immune system, it will bring awareness to who we are in essence and live from that place.

Den Haag

€ 45

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