Sva Dharma Family Gathering

Would you like to reconnect with your Sangha (community of spiritually like-minded people) and refresh the practices taught by Satya Sahaj in their Sva Dharma teachings? Join this inspirational gathering, created for anyone who has participated in a training, program, or retreat with them or who has enjoyed Satya's Satsangs

What you will learn:

After completing an intense training or experiencing a retreat, it can be challenging to return to everyday life and keep the practices you learned alive. This is why we have created this gathering, where Satya and Sahaj will guide us through practices to refresh and reconnect to their Sva Dharma practices.

There will also be space to exchange experiences and share how to apply these practices in daily life. Let's come together to support each other and stay connected.

The link to the online session can be found in your 'My Delight' account under 'booked classes'. Select the workshop and click 'watch'. You will be directed straight into the workshop to join.

On the 24th of November it's online & LIVE at the same time!

Our Sangha is spread out all over the world. We want to open the space for those who are based in the Netherlands to come together and connect in one physical space.

We have created a unique solution - for this gathering, we combine live & online spaces. The gathering is hosted at our Prinseneiland studio where Satya and Sahaj will be present. Participants can join through Zoom or come in person to Prinseneiland.

Sign up for Sva Dharma here

Sign up for Sva Dharma here

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