The Art of Sharing Yoga

Teaching from within (50-Hour training) with Adela Serrano

Have you ever experienced that when you are in love with something you would like to share it with everyone? Even if you are not planning on teaching yoga in a studio, wouldn’t it be great to have some resources to share your love for your yoga practice with your loved ones? It is time to spread into the world the transformative possibilities of having a yoga practice and how it can very positively impact someone’s life.

When: 19 - 25 august Where: Delight Weteringschans, Amsterdam Price: € 895 (incl. 21 % VAT) for individual participants / € 850 for participants of full Basic Teacher Training (within the same year)

The Training

This course is a part of our 200-hour Basic Teacher Training but can also be taken independently. In this 50-hour training for both yoga teachers and yoga students, you will be guided to finding your voice in a skillful way to share with others what you love the most: your yoga practice.

About the training This program will facilitate the integration of your yoga practice with teaching skills, together with different techniques to also see beyond the physicality of the practice. You will be learning and teaching, refining not only your own practice but also how to bring it into the world, and practising until it is sealed.

What you will learn For teachers in training and committed yoga practitioners:

  • To explore in depth the inner knowledge and experience gained through your practice.
  • Tools to tap into the insights of your own practice in a way that it can naturally be shared from your direct experience.
  • Seamless continuation of all the wisdom already experienced within yourself. Now you are ready to share it with others. Your dedication and devotion to your practice will naturally want to be spread into the world.
  • This program will help you unveil your inner teacher and let shine his or her own unique journey in the light of the yoga tradition.

For practising yoga teachers looking to refresh, expand and refine the art of sharing: Stepping into the student’s shoes can be really refreshing and bring new insights to the way your teaching style is developing and growing. This process will act as a mirror for your unique way of teaching and open the door to new ways of bringing the teachings across in your classes. By tapping into some energetical practices involving Vayus, Uyaji, Bandhas, Spirals and Loops you will get insights on how these beautiful energetic fields can transform the understanding of the practice of your students. Experiencing and deepening into these energetic aspects of the practice in yourself will naturally ripple into the way you share yoga with others.

To expand the skills you already have, we will go through different techniques:

  • To explore the teaching from an energetic and intuitive knowledge.
  • To challenge the structures that we sometimes create around a certain style and see the bigger picture.
  • To serve and approach the students from your deepest authenticity.
  • To stay true to the methodology, yet open to the infinite possibilities laying in front of you in all your students.
  • To actualize your knowledge of physical anatomy and the subtle energetic body (Vayus, spirals and loops).
  • To more and more become the vehicle from where the teaching flows, to transmit from the tradition to the students.
  • An invitation to be playful and share yoga from a place of self-practice, joy and devotion.

Curriculum: The yoga styles that are covered in this module come from the Krishnamacharya tradition. Kriyas, pranayama, and sequencing asanas come from the Hatha and Vinyasa methodologies.

Other methodologies like healing yoga practices and sharing sessions will be presented as a way to develop an eye to see beyond the physicality of the practice.

  • Introduction to creative and dynamic asana sequencing
  • Modifying asanas for beginners
  • Physical anatomy and subtle body anatomy
  • Practical yoga philosophy
  • Sound and mantras
  • Meditation and chanting
  • Therapeutic yoga and synthesis
  • Self-practice
  • Practice teaching

Key takeaways from this 50-hour training:

  • Insightful ways to see if what you are teaching comes through to the students
  • Developing a sharper sight into the body, breath and state of the students to effortlessly guide their asana, transitions and breath

The Teacher

Learn from our expert senior teacher

Adela Serrano
guest teacher
Adela, originally from Spain, has lived in different cities since 2000. Her Yoga...

The Location

Weteringschans, Amsterdam

Weteringschans 53

1017 RW Amsterdam


About studio

This yoga studio is located on the South side of Amsterdam city centre and has a beautiful view of the Rijksmuseum. At this location, you can practice Vinyasa, Ashtanga Led, Hatha, Yin, Yin Yang, Yoga Nidra, Healing Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Circular Breathing. The studio has two large yoga shalas. Please note that this is the only Delight Yoga studio without showers.

Practical Information


To have practised yoga steadily for a minimum of 1 year with a teacher and to have a regular and consistent self practice (at least 3 times a week) in any hatha-based style of yoga (Ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha).

Required reading: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Swami Satchidananda or Georg Feuerstein, OR Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda

Recommended reading:

  • Yoga Mala, Sri K Pattabhi Jois
  • The Art of Vinyasa, Richard Freeman
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika

NOTE: This retreat is part of the 200-hour Basic Teacher Training of Delight Yoga but can also be followed individually by yoga practitioners and yoga teachers / facilitators. There will be an assessment for all participants at the end of this module to obtain the 200-hours certificate (for participants joining this as part of the Basic Teacher Training) or 50-hours certificate (for individual participants / YACEP).

Please read carefully before signing up: Please note that for multiple session workshops or trainings, there is a temporary new registration process in place. In our new system, participants interested in a multiple session workshop need to sign up for each session individually in order to take part in the full course. To make sure the process goes smoothly, we kindly ask you to sign up for the first session only and then send us an email at to confirm which workshop you wish to register for and which sessions you wish to take part in. We will then complete your enrollment for the full course.

Steps to book a workshop: Register for the first session/day of the workshop Pay the full fee through our website. Send an email to, with the subject line ‘workshop booking: name of workshop’. Please confirm how many sessions you wish to take part in and attach a screenshot of your payment. We will add you to the other sessions manually and send you a confirmation email.

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