The Essence of Yoga

(60-hours training) with Satya & Sahaj

In this intensive program of 8 days we offer a unique opportunity to anyone who wishes to know yoga and live yoga. It will establish and deepen their personal home practice, their “sadhana”, where the real yoga happens. Yoga is not anymore a luxury for just a few people, or a feel-good lifestyle. Yoga is a necessity to stay sane and to reconnect to all aspects of life.

When: 19 - 26 May 2023

Where: Delight Weteringschans, Amsterdam

Price: €1.175 (incl. 21 % VAT) for individual participants / €1.075 for Basic Teacher Training students within the same year

The Training

About the training: This course is a part of our 200-hour Basic Teacher Training but can also be taken independently. This program is for everyone interested in bringing yoga into their lives in a balanced and intelligent way. Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome. All practices can be modified for any level of experience. It is also highly recommended for yoga teachers who want to reconnect to their own beginners' mind, a requisite to stay fresh and open to serve and pass on the precious jewels of yoga to humanity.

The Essence of Yoga is an invitation, an opportunity to enter the most significant journey of your life on which Satya & Sahaj, our main teachers, are guiding you:

  • to know your self
  • to meet your self
  • to Be as you are: Free!

This journey is the beginning of a new life, where "To Be" is the solution to all problems of life. Start here, entering & discovering the field of Pure Awareness. This is true Yoga.

Program: We dive into ourselves slowly but steadily, tuning in to our body, breath and mind. We become intimately connected with ourselves and the teachings and make friends with the methods and techniques. We start learning the language of yoga; trusting the intelligence of our body and energetic field. We begin letting go of what is in the way of our vitality, joy and creativity. Yoga helps us become lighter and more open.

The Yoga program during these 8 days will include different cleansing techniques (kriyas), self-practice asana sequences, pranayamas, guided and silent meditation and practical philosophy sessions. We will touch on the Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet necessary to support us in the process of yoga. Yoga is union with our higher self and integration with life in all its movements.

What you will learn:

  • Loving your Body: This is your home. You will get to know your body in an intimate and gentle manner, and will be encouraged to love and accept your "earth suit".
  • Embracing life itself: You will develop intimacy with your breath, the source of life energy.
  • Yoga, in essence, is training for the mind: You will receive the tools you need to enter your natural state of being, which is Freedom and Peace.
  • You will develop the openness to enter your inner wisdom and trust it fully. This will become your true navigation system in all aspects of your life.

Practical Information:

  • 8 full days of valuable practical & theoretical teachings (9:30 - 17:30 hrs with a one-hour lunch break)
  • The morning sessions will mainly consist of physical practices (meditation, chanting, kriyas, asana), and the afternoons mainly of theory, philosophy, details about the breath - asana related practices, and Q&A.
  • The total training hours will be more than 60 hours. You will receive a 60-hour certificate for your attendance.
  • This training can be followed on a stand-alone basis, or as the first element of our Basic Teacher Training.

To register, please go to the booking page and register for only Day 1 of the training (paying the full teaching fee) and send us an email to You will be manually added to the other days of the training.

The Teachers

Learn from expert senior teachers

Satya Katiza
main teacher
Satya Katiza is a yogini in heart and soul. She is An experienced Registered...
Kevin Sahaj
main teacher
Kevin Sahaj is a dedicated yoga practitioner who has been studying and practicing yoga for...

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The Location

Weteringschans, Amsterdam

Weteringschans 53

1017 RW Amsterdam


About studio

This yoga studio is located on the South side of Amsterdam city centre and has a beautiful view of the Rijksmuseum. At this location, you can practice Vinyasa, Ashtanga Led, Hatha, Yin, Yin Yang, Yoga Nidra, Healing Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Circular Breathing. The studio has two large yoga shalas. Please note that this is the only Delight Yoga studio without showers.

Practical Information


  • Minimum of 3 months of yoga experience, but also suited for more experienced practitioners and teachers that wish to reconnect to their beginners' mind.
  • Participation on all days of the program.
  • English language proficiency (all teachings and course materials are in English).

Health & Well-being This Program has an intensive schedule and curriculum that is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. To best support you in this training, we would like to know if any of the following applies to you at this moment (please contact us via email before registering): physical, mental or emotional issues serious injury currently under medical treatment or taking medications currently suffering from depression or burnout

Please send an email to should you like any further advice about this program before registering.

Please read carefully before signing up: Please note that for multiple session workshops or trainings, there is a temporary new registration process in place. In our new system, participants interested in a multiple session workshop need to sign up for each session individually in order to take part in the full course. To make sure the process goes smoothly, we kindly ask you to sign up for the first session only and then send us an email at to confirm which workshop you wish to register for and which sessions you wish to take part in. We will then complete your enrollment for the full course.

Steps to book a workshop: Register for the first session/day of the workshop Pay the full fee through our website. Send an email to, with the subject line ‘workshop booking: name of workshop’. Please confirm how many sessions you wish to take part in and attach a screenshot of your payment. We will add you to the other sessions manually and send you a confirmation email.


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