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Advanced Teacher Training

Start anytime and follow the program at once or at your own pace.

The Delight Advanced Teacher Training are 300+ hours training for yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners looking for further guidance and inspiration in their practice and teaching. During the Advanced Teacher Training, we take you even deeper in your yogic journey. The Advanced Teacher Training consists of two intensive retreats in yoga retreat center D'Alijo (Portugal) and of three modules on the topics you select. So you can shape your own yogic path.

The Advanced Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance registered program (300 hours). The elements of the training are rescheduled every year, so the full study can be followed within one year or at your own pace and in the sequence that suits you best.

The elements you can find in the Advanced Teacher Training are:


The full Advanced Teacher Training (300+ hours) consists of:

2 Intensive retreats (D'Alijo Yoga Retreat Center, Portugal):

  • The Heart Retreat
  • The Mind Retreat

3 modules (3 x 50-hour Training at Delight Yoga, Amsterdam or The Hague):

  • Yoga & Ayurveda (required)
  • Yoga & Healing (required)
    Choose one of the following:
  • Yoga & Mindfulness to empower emotional wellbeing - Online
  • Yoga Nidra & Healing the inner Elements
  • The Craft of Flow: Vinyasa Krama

Practice & guidance (Delight Yoga)

  • Personal guidance sessions

Additional elements (to be arranged by student):

  • Karma Yoga Project
  • Individual Breathing Sessions
  • Silent retreat of 10 days
  • Homework: writing reports on the experiences and on some of the required reading
  • Recommended: Personal Guidance sessions
  • Optional: apprenticeship with a teacher at Delight Yoga

The elements of the training can be followed at your own pace and in the sequence that suits you best. The retreats and modules can also be followed individually. In order to receive the 300-hours certificate, all the above elements need to have been completed.

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Kevin Sahaj
Yoga teacher

Kevin Sahaj is a dedicated yoga practitioner who has been studying and practicing yoga for 30 years. His approach to teaching is eclectic and draws from many different methods and teachings to help students align their lives towards awakening. His focus is to offer the right method for the individual according to their needs and aspirations. He is the life partner of Katiza Satya and together they are leading the Delight Yoga Teacher training and offering guidance in the spiritual direction of the school. At a young age Kevin Sahaj was a martial artist. He then had a spontaneous awakening experience from which an urgency to search for the truth was born. His first meditation teacher was SN Goenka in the Vipassana Buddhist tradition. From this ground he studied Mahayana Buddhism with Lama Zopa Rinpoche in Nepal, Vipassana meditation in Thailand with Ajahn Buddhadasa, Zen Buddhism with Japanese Zen master Hogen, in the Hatha yoga tradition. Over a period of 8 years he studied with K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. Other significant yoga teachers that he has learned directly from were: TKV Desikachar, Mark Whitwell, Shandor Remete, Dena Kingsburg, Graham Northfield and many other dedicated yogis and healers. Now his main teachers are: the late Tibetan Dzogchen Master Namkhai Norbu, Tibetan Bon Dzogchen with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Vajrayana tantric buddhism with Lama Tsultrim Allione and Tulku Sang nang Rinpoche and Tibetan Yantra Yoga with Fabio Andrico. ![Kevin Sahaj](

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