Adela Serrano

Adela teaches classes and workshops at Delight Yoga in Den Haag

Adela, originally from Spain, has lived in different cities since 2000. Her Yoga journey started in New York while she was facing a major change in her life; motherhood. Practising Yoga helped her to feel more at home with herself and her changing circumstances.

She felt inspired to teach thanks to one of her first teachers in New York, Jenny Aurthur who as she says: "Literally pulled out the best of me and helped me in my journey." Maty Ezraty and Carrie Owerko were great sources of inspiration in her New York years. Once in Amsterdam, she became a certified Iyengar teacher with the help of Barbara Queirolo, Kristien Van Reusel and Rembert Petrus. On top of that, she likes to call her life, her family, relationships and her students her true teachers.

Her classes follow the Iyengar tradition with a safe, compassionate and skilful approach. Extensive anatomy knowledge makes her teaching style very safe but also challenging for all levels. According to the old Yoga teachings, her classes bring attention to the poses and movements/actions as a way to access a more refined body and mind awareness. She also specializes in injury prevention and injury recovery. "I like to demystify complex concepts to make the practice of Yoga applicable to everyday life, I am a devoted student and practitioner and I bring my all in every class I teach. I have been honoured to be able to teach at Delight yoga almost since they started, and you can find me in their studios for classes and workshops in Amsterdam and in Den Haag."

"It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity". B.K.S. Iyengar


Adela's Classes

Adela teaches Hatha & Vinyasa classes

Adela's Workshops

Adela teaches the Introduction to Yoga program and is a guest teacher of the Basic Teacher Training

Adela's Locations

Adela is a regular teacher at Delight Yoga Scheveningseweg in Den Haag

Scheveningseweg, Den Haag

Scheveningseweg 14

2517 KT Den Haag


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