Alessandra Large

Yoga came to Alessandra in the shape of a tiny (and very packed) hot vinyasa yoga studio in Sheffield, UK when she was studying for her Masters. The freedom and ease she experienced in her mind and body from those first classes was completely new, and unexpected. Since then, Yoga has been a permanent, but evolving fixture in her life and she has studied with multiple teachers in India, the UK & the Netherlands.

What she appreciates from the physical practice is the balance between discipline and surrendering expectations, and what she wants to share in her classes is a practice and environment that is non-judgmental, and welcoming. She aims to create a space where students are able to explore and learn to move their bodies in a way that nourishes and supports them.

Whilst pranayama techniques had always been a part of her practice, it was really after a while of practicing tummo-based breathing practices on and off, that something clicked. This lead her to discover (and to continue discovering) the power of the breath, both as a daily practice of self-awareness and self-regulation as well as a powerful, transformational practice explore deeper layers of ourselves, shed limiting beliefs and connect to our essence.

Alessandra mainly teaches Vinyasa, Hatha & Breathwork. In all of her classes, pace is of utmost importance. She believes rushing is for outside the yoga studio, not inside!

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