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Anat Geiger
hatha Astanga Led yoga
Anat was born in Rio de Janeira in 1965, when the Beatles were at their highest point, grew up in Copacabana and started dancing very early on. She got a university degree in Advertising, but was already doing theatre by the time she finished, and never even went back to get her diploma. Starting as Shakespeare's Julia at age 21 was so much fun she never looked back. {READ_MORE} In October 1991 Anat arrived in Amsterdam, and the following years she played in more than 30 productions with the most varied companies and colleagues. "It was an incredibly rich and fulfilling journey, there was much drama, immense satisfaction and a whole lot of fun". Anat took her first yoga class in 1996 and immediately found something that she, without knowing it, had always been looking for. After studying intensively with Teresa Caldas and Dona Holleman, she found Paul and Suzee Grilley who remain her teachers today. Based in Amsterdam, Anat is now a well-respected Functional Yoga teacher herself, teaching both students and teacher around the world and 1/2 of The Fat Yogis duo alongside Marcel van de Vis Heil.
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