Annelotte Rutten

Annelotte teaches classes at Delight Yoga Online

Annelotte is from the Netherlands. Struggling with burn out and trauma for many years, meditation became an anchor point for her to experience a deeper connection with herself and something bigger. She experiences sitting with herself in silence every day as an enormous act of self love. It brought her to a space of loving kindness towards herself and experiencing joy in the simplicity of being.

The teachers of the silent sit community from Delight Yoga have inspired her on her journey: Royce, Sjoerd and Inge - and the personal sessions and focussing course with Rolandjan van Mulligen have been a great inspiration. This community provided her with a safe environment to embrace everything which came up during the sitting. It allowed her to heal and gradually it became more and more silent during the meditations. She says she is incredibly grateful for the role this community played on her journey.

What's typical in her meditations is her gentle guidance towards radical inclusiveness, always using the felt sense in the body as a portal to be in the simplicity of the here and now.

'be soft, wide open, listen to the gentle whispers of a deeper knowing...' Annelotte


Annelotte's Classes

Annelotte is a sub teacher for the Silent Sit

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