Bonnie Warnars

Bonnie teaches classes at Delight Yoga

todays challanges, could be your greatest gift tommorow

Bonnie Comes from Amsterdam and half of her bloodline roots in Indonesia from her dads side. She grew up with the practice of yoga, as her mom had a daily practice and next to the breakfast bowls her mom was playing the singing bowls. She was blessed to join yoga and meditation workshops in Bali at yoga barn at only a age of 13, at the age of 3 she went to the elementary school of the Rosicrucian; where the moto is to life from listening to the heart; And so she started a career as a professional modern dancer and theater maker. However this highly disciplined strict dancer lifestyle was a bit out of balance and so she started to fully focus back on yoga and meditation to bring the balance and sensitivity back in to her life!

Now her mission is to teach people to listening to their body’s and to feel the intense joy throughout movement. or just by sitting still…

Her mom is her biggest inspiration, in yoga and in life. Also Levi Banner is a big inspiration of Bonnie. He combines yoga asana classes with Astrology knowledge and tarot readings.

Bonnie Teaches Vinyasa at Delight Yoga and she is very typical to make it creative and challenging also she is ambitious to throw in other elements like Chinese medicine and musical layers. You will feel like you came out a bubble of joy when you come out of one of her classes.


Bonnie's Classes

Bonnie teaches Vinyasa classes

Bonnie's Locations

Bonnie teaches at Delight Yoga Prinseneiland in Amsterdam

Prinseneiland, Amsterdam

Prinseneiland 20G

1013 LR Amsterdam


About studio

This studio is located at Prinseneiland: just a two-minute walk from Haarlemmerplein. This space is a perfect place to reconnect with yourself and find peace within. The large windows give a beautiful view of the canals and small harbour. The room upstairs has a dome-shaped roof and downstairs you will find the reception area and two dressing rooms with showers.

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