Brenda van der Toorn

Brenda is a happy spirited yogi, who loves traveling, dancing with her two kids, Singing very out of tune in private and occasionally goes overboard on eating chocolate. Besides exploring new things she teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative Yoga. She has been teaching yoga since 2014.

After a long search trying to figure out what made her truly happy, a trip to India and Nepal in 2011 ignited her passion and started her yogic journey. 'It was the start of a new direction in my life’. 'After deepening her practice back home in Amsterdam and later on being accepted in a yoga teacher training on Gili Meno with Zuna Yoga, it was as if all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. “ After our first day of training I felt like I came home to a place for which I had longed without knowing what that home looked like. 'And it felt like this was the start of a new direction in my life’.

Learning to listen to and trusting her heart & intuition changed the game and turned her world upside down. 'The only way out is in' became her new way of life. Through movement, meditation, reflection and stillness this catapulted her unto the still unpaved path in a whole new direction. Right now Brenda has had the pleasure of sharing yoga in her hometown of Amsterdam for over 7 years.

Brenda's classes classes are both dynamic and soft. It will let you experience your inner stillness and leave you with an uplifted spirit after class.

Website: -YSOH.YOGA-

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