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Meet the teachers, their background stories, motivation and experience

Cecilia Adorée
hatha Astanga Led yoga
Cecilia discovered Yin Yoga when she moved to Amsterdam and noticed that she got easily caught up in the yang-energy of the city. She felt like Yin yoga was invented to make her feel at home again in her body, heart and mind. Finding this safe way to explore her inner-world, and learning to become soft had an effect on every facet of her life. In her classes her focus lays on learning to listen to the body and look through the lens of compassion towards yourself and the world around you. Next to being a yin yogi, Cecilia is working as an actress, where she’s constantly connecting her body and mind. She aims for her students to leave the class feeling connected to theirselves and their bodies again. For her it's very important that students feel the freedom to adjust every pose how it’s right them: every body is different and it’s about what they feel in a pose, not what it looks like. In the classes we practice being and letting go of ambition, while sinking into our bodies. We are human beings, not human doing’s after all. Finding this balance between yin and yang energy in our lives is a constant journey, and Cecilia is happy to share a route to more yin-energy and guide you, finding this balance.
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