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Charlotte van Leeuwen
hatha Astanga Led yoga
During her bachelor studies in Physics and Astronomy, Charlotte decided to stop studying and start her own business. So in 2011 she left the regular-paved-out-path (that until then seemed very logical to her) of earning a degree and getting a normal job. Now there was suddenly no institution or person telling her what to do anymore, so she naturally started looking for ways of finding a compass within herself. Coaching, therapy, nature quests, meditation courses at the Nyingma Center and Vipassana retreats all offered interesting insights into the workings of her mind and brought her more and more to daring to trust her intuition. In 2014 she followed her first Astanga Yoga class. The first experience of Astanga wasn't 'love at first sight' at all. It was more 'confusion at first sight' because she had no idea how she should interpret this crazy intense yoga experience (in the beginning she could barely breathe and a few times per class she would collapse on the floor like an elephant). But somehow she kept coming back to it. Slowly it started to become a daily practice which serves as a great mirror for all the things that go on in her life. Being on the mat every day offers her the possibility to research her own patterns, work through them and laugh lovingly about them. She deepened the exploration of her yoga practice during the Astanga Yoga Basic Teacher Training and The Path of Astanga Yoga under the loving and fierce guidance of Claudia Pradella and Eva Ugolini. She teaches Astanga yoga with the intention of offering a safe and trusting space where people can independently explore their own stuff (whatever that may be at that particular moment). Since she first learned meditation before she got in contact with yoga, she sees yoga as a form of moving meditation and as an opportunity to explore your own mind.
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