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Cuny Stelpstra
hatha Astanga Led yoga
Next to teaching Deeprelax® yoga nidra, Cuny is a copy writer and a communications consultant. This Dutchie is born on the ‘One happy island’ Aruba. You’ll often recognise her love for the ocean in her yoga nidra sessions. After Cuny’s nidra classes, you can be sure that your mind and nervous system have calmed down. It is Cuny’s mission to teach you the gift of how to attain and maintain a calm mind – something we probably all long for AND what we need the most in our fast-revolving society. Cuny did a 350h Personal Yoga® teacher training at Laraiz in The Hague in 2016/2017 and a 350h Sri Sri Yoga TTP at Art of Living in 2018 (of which she is the national co-ordinator in The Netherlands). She got her 50h Deeprelax yoga nidracertificate at House of Deeprelax in 2018 and assisted ElianeBernhard during some Deeprelax TTP’s. Cuny’s heart is ‘Haags’; currently she lives in Monster, where she can hear the Noordzee from her private yogaroom… “A calm mind is such a precious gift in these daring times. I hope that my students can really start to recover their minds from overdrive into calmer water.”
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