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Dennis Laubenthal
hatha Astanga Led yoga
Dennis was born in Koblenz, Germany and started out as an actor for theatre and TV. To find some balance in his busy lifestyle he took his first Yoga class in a gym. He did not yet have any idea about the impact of this first encounter, but from then on, he started to enter the world of yoga. In the beginning, he focused more on the powerful Vinyasa style, but then, after spending some time in a Sivananda ashram, he discovered the quality of mindful awareness which finally brought him to Iyengar yoga, which he enjoyed for its good alignment. So, in Dennis’ classes, you will discover a little bit of all these aspects: Some flowing movements combined with alignment “tricks” and a bit of philosophy. Dennis is also fascinated by the practice of Pranayama, which is way more than simply breathing techniques. He taught workshops about this “life force” called Prana in Germany and Amsterdam. Since he visited a Buddhist monastery in Sri Lanka, he is discovering the field of meditation which is a perfect match to the yoga practice, stressing also on the moral behaviour among human beings. Dennis teaches on eye level with the student, encouraging them to make their own experiences rather than just believe. Some classes can be joyful, some classes more focused, but a class without any laughter is not a good class. “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” BKS Iyengar
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