Dineke Los

Dineke teaches yoga classes at Delight Yoga

Dineke took her first Iyengar yoga class twenty years ago and got hooked right away. It lessened her thirst for discovery, experiment, experienced stillness and concentration.

In 2008 she finished the Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training in Amsterdam and afterwards she went to study with Mister B.K.S. Iyengar himself in Poona, India. She celebrated his 90th birthday over there, together with the whole community and the Iyengar family. Most of the classes were given by his son Prashant and his daughter Geeta, but Mister Iyengar was there everyday to practice and assist others. Two months of inspiring and enriching experience.

Yoga shows her what is. It helps her to stand firm in life and deal with anything that needs to be done to grow.

She teaches astanga yoga at Delight. Although anyone can recognise an astanga yoga class by the outer form, you'll be surprised by what you'll discover class after class because of a different focus and the detailed instructions. Surprise yourself.


Dineke's Classes

Dineke teaches Ashtanga Led classes at Delight Yoga Den Haag

Dineke's Locations

Dineke teaches at Delight Yoga Scheveningseweg in Den Haag

Scheveningseweg, Den Haag

Scheveningseweg 14

2517 KT Den Haag



About studio

This spacious yoga studio is uniquely situated, opposite the Peace Palace in Den Haag. The beautifully designed studio offers three yoga shalas and a lounge to relax with a cup of tea.

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