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Dylan Simon Alexander
hatha Astanga Led yoga
Life Journey Since a young age, Dylan has always been fascinated with life’s great questions; his own life journey has given him an unusual eye for the beauty and interconnectedness of life and made him sensitive to the human condition. This has led him on an interesting journey of deepening his understanding of human behaviour and spirituality through studying psychology, yoga practices, various spiritual texts and seeking out guidance from various teachers around the world: Integrating and applying Eastern and Western systems of healing and processes.. As a spiritual pilgrim, he has been fortunate to meet many wonderful souls who have inspired and deepened his own practice and shaped his style of teaching. Beyond asana, yoga is a way of life that enables him to continue to reflect, to feel and be present. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Dylan was introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga when he turned 30 and instantly fell in love with the method as a meditation in movement; a medicine for his body and mind and it has since become one of his main Sadhana. He has always been interested in understanding the interplay between the gross and subtle aspects of the body/mind and feels with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method, we can learn to understand and harness the energy of these two polarities to find stability and grace – on and off the mat. Since his first class, Dylan has been captivated by the therapeutic aspects of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and approaches his classes from this viewpoint – to help students find their strength and balance in a safe space, whilst connecting to and integrating with the power of the breath and observing/understanding the patterns of the mind. A Powerful tool and practice which invites and supports Dylan and his students to find space beyond the veil of the conceptual mind. An invitation to stillness and inner peace. Dylan has been fortunate to cross paths with many prominent teachers who have influenced and helped shape his style of teaching and continues to journey and learn from/with John Scott, Govinda Kai & Petri Raisanen. Meditation & Healing Dylan started practicing healing at a young age when he started to realize that he was able to channel energy. He started meditation practice at a young age and felt the power and magnitude of stillness as a source of healing and connection to the universe. By the “not so little coincidences” in life, Dylan was introduced to Jose Antonio Manchado and instantly resonated with his style of teaching and way of being and is deeply grateful to be a student and learn from his guidance, Reiki and Shindo – path of the vibrational healing practice. Art Of The Storm Currently Dylan has published his first book, Art of the Storm, which was recently released October 19th 2017. His book brings together a collection of poems, short stories and reflections inspired from meditation, being in nature and yoga. Dylan is working on several other books and projects currently. Giving gratitude to all his teachers, Dylan hopes to share his passion and love of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Yogic Philosophy, Meditation and Healing practices to continue to inspire others on the path of heali
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