Eline Walch

Eline grew up in The Hague in The Netherlands. Her yoga journey started at the age of 16 when her mother took her to her first yoga class. While traveling in India during her early twenties she got more inspired by the practice of yoga and since then she can’t imagine her life without.
She believes that yoga is her guidance in life. For her yoga means connection, acceptance and finding your true self.

She has been exploring different styles of yoga being mostly drawn to Vinyasa and Astanga yoga. She is also dedicated to a Mysore style of practice, receiving guidance from Megan Riley and Jurre Twijnstra.

In 2019 Eline wanted to deepen her practice and understanding of yoga and she joined the Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training at Yoga Moves. During this training, she discovered how much she enjoyed teaching and sharing her passion for yoga.
She loves learning and to deepen her studies and has attended several workshops from different international teachers. Last year Eline completed the Ashtanga Teacher Training at Yoga Moves under the guidance of Marilou van Hoek.

Eline loves to make her Vinyasa classes accessible for everyone, a safe environment where you can find balance between strength and softness. Her classes are focused on the breath and body awareness, bringing the attention inwards.

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