Esther van der Sande

Esther is a professional counsellor, somatic psychotherapist, EMDR clinician and a qualified yoga (500+ hrs), mindfulness teacher and practitioner. She draws upon over 10+ years of experience in guiding clients from all age groups and professions.

Esther is a Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F) and qualified / approved trainer and supervisor in the Netherlands and has completed her certification under the supervision of TCTSY pioneer David Emerson. She is the Co-founder of Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia, the Founder of Trauma Sensitive Yoga Nederland and part of the Training Faculty (TCTSY-T) of the Trauma Centre at Justice Resource Institute Boston.

She has had the privilege of being able to help people from all walks of life, through difficult times in their lives and support adults as they struggle to deal with issues such as stress management, confidence and self-esteem, relationship, grief and loss, addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Developmental and Complex Trauma.

There’s no definitive ‘list’ of issues, and no ‘one’ set way of working through them. Everyone is different. Everyone’s experience is different, and I provide an insightful, empathetic and tailored approach to every situation, informed by years of study in a wide variety of clinical techniques.

The one commonality however, is that she helps people, help themselves.

She provides an empowering and inspiring service that guides her clients through their challenges, enabling them to emerge from the other side feeling renewed, strong, and ready to face the world on their own terms once again.

At Delight Yoga she offer private sessions in the form of counselling, body-oriented psychodynamic psychotherapy, trauma sensitive yoga, and group trainings in Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (foundational program).Esther

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