Hayet Benkacem

Hayet studied Architecture at the University of applied Siences in Utrecht. In 2013 she said goodby to her old passion Architecture and started a new journey in finding a new will to live.

In 2016 she started to follow the professional training of massage therapy at the Academie for Massage and Movement in Amsterdam.
After completing the first year she became a certified masseur in holistic and traditional massage. She will also give pregnancy massage and she wants to immerse herself in Chakra Massage.
As her study at the Academie progresses, she will also give deeper (tissue) massages and even massage therapeutically.
It is in 2016 that she has found a new purpose in live: massaging people and making them feel better within their body.

Hayet is also a fanatic rower which means that weekly she sweats her gut out on the river the Amstel. Over the years practising yoga also crept into her life. Since then she found the right balance between keeping her body and mind strong and flexible through yoga. By practicing yoga, she came closer to her intuitive self. Hence, this has opened the door to a new passion for Body & Mind Work through giving massages.

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