Jenny Schoenmann

Jenny Schoenmann is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher and Soul-Based Coach. She teaches Astanga and Vinyasa Yoga, and also offers 1:1 Coaching sessions at Delight in Den Haag.

For Jenny, yoga goes far beyond getting into physical poses. These provide a baseline of benefits to build from, like strengthening the physical body, an exploration of a healthy range of motion, and the surfacing of radiant health from the inside out. Jenny is intrigued about what is available beyond this surface, on a deeper level, when stability and physical-emotional space have been accomplished. From this space, Jenny invites you to explore how you wish to move, with ease, so you can connect with how you feel and are able to handle daily challenges with more grace and clarity. Her classes offer an enquiry of how your Yoga Practice can help you connect with what feels good to you in the very moment, by sensing all parts of yourself and supporting you to release any stress or tension standing in the way of a clear mind.

To further support students on their inner journeys, Jenny infuses her knowledge and experiences with yoga, mindfulness and motherhood into her private Soul-Based Coaching sessions, which are customized to the individual needs of her clients. After diving deep into this modality to find more clarity, ease and direction in her personal life, she is honoured to support others as they deepen their mind-body-soul connection, find guidance during life transitions, and take steps to live true to their own nature and grow in the areas they wish to nourish.

Born in Germany, Jenny was exposed to Yoga from a very early age as her mother is a dedicated Yoga teacher. This helped her understand the practice of Yoga as a simple, yet sophisticated way to move our whole being into a state where we feel good and complete - guided by our breath. A state where there is space to be our tender selfs, to heal, and to be(come) who we wish to be. The use of breath and meditation has been especially supportive during both her pregnancies and birthing experiences. This expanded Jenny’s understanding of just how much influence we truly have over our own body and mind.

While living abroad in the Middle East with her family, Jenny dedicated 2 years to her intense teacher training with Valerie Jeremijenko at Yama Yoga. Here, she was inspired by guest teachers such as Renee Cerro, Michael Gannon, Meghan Currie and Chris Chavez. Jenny continued to develop her teaching skills by studying Anatomy under the guidance of Noah McKenna, Alison West and Tiffany Cruikshank, and further explored Yoga Philosophy and Pedagogy with Bridget Woods Kramer, Eddie Stern, Claudia Pradella and Nicki Knoff.

Perhaps her greatest inspiration, however, was found during her additional Strala Teacher Training with Tara Stiles, which deepened the way she moves on and off the mat and ignited a love and curiosity for self-care routines.

Jenny is a mother of two, devoted entrepreneur, published author of ‘The Daily Morning Journal - a Powerful 90 day Transformative Routine’, and owner of Soul Flow & Glow. For more information, visit

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