Maaike Aker

Maaike has over 15 years of experience in yoga and meditation. She teaches and practices Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with great care and passion. Brought up to embrace the spiritual path by her mother and grandmother, Maaike was encouraged to explore her own spiritual journey from a young age. It was in Bali that she fell deeply in love with not only the Island of the Gods but also with Kundalini Yoga. It was like a fire lit up inside her and from that moment on her life was never the same.

Yoga and meditation brought her back to her true nature, to a place of love, stillness, trust, and serenity. For that, she feels forever grateful. To have (re) discovered that within the depth of her own being. Walking the path of honest Self-discovery it isn’t always an ‘easy’ journey, but still, it is a journey that she deeply cherishes. A journey is full of growth and blossoming. Her life became simpler but at the same time so much more enriched.

The path of yoga has changed her life from the inside out, and it still does, and she feels grateful for all the gifts she has received whilst traveling in her inner world. It is because of her own transformation that she has made it her intention and passion to share the beauty and joy of yoga and meditation in the uplifting and transformative Kundalini journeys and retreats that she offers.

In her classes, she combines power with softness leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and full of inspiration. She is looking forward to welcoming you to her classes.

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