Marcel van de Vis Heil

Marcel is a teacher of teachers, a passioned yogateacher and practitioner who started his yoga journey in the late ’90’s after being in a depression for a couple of years. Not long after starting on this yoga path he started to teach in gyms and studios. Marcel followed trainings with a lot of teachers worldwide but his current teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley the founders of yin yoga, from who he is one of their senior assistants during their trainings, thought him in depth anatomy and philosophy. They as well helped him to create a stable meditation practice for the last decade.

Marcel teaches -functional- vinyasa yoga and yin yoga. He believes that a physical yoga practice should be custom made to the student, to modify the asana to the students’ needs and body, instead of the student trying poses in a way that could be harmful for their bodies. His classes are accessible for everybody, even though the vinyasa classes can be a bit challenging.

Besides being a yoga teacher, Marcel is an Acupuncturist, Tuina therapist and Herbalist.

"One should adapt asana to their body and their needs, not trying to fit the body into the asana!"


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