Mariah Mansvelt Beck

Like most of us Mariah spends most of her time off of her yoga mat. It is however, on her yoga mat that Mariah finds the space and time for reflection, introspection and reconnection. Her yoga practice has become a tool to help her work on becoming a better human and making a positive impact on the world around her.

Mariah is excited and grateful for the opportunity to share what she has developed in her own practice and journey. A flow of events led her to Brazil at the start of 2010, where she completed her Vinyasa teacher training with David Lurey. To balance the ‘yang’ in life, she found yin yoga, which has greatly deepened her personal practice as well as her teaching. In 2012, she completed a yin yoga teacher training with Anat Geiger in Amsterdam and later another yin teacher training with Sarah Powers.

Mariah’s classes are a time to enjoy the luxury of simply allowing, instead of having to do anything. They are a place to practice being with ourselves. A place to listen more closely with curiosity and interest to our emotions and the whispers we receive, which are both here to guide us to align our lives to our souls’ purpose. She helps students to explore, through a yin approach, how to use postures and sequences to support certain emotions and to go deeper within. All of her classes have a mindful approach, an inward focus, with the aim to help you reconnect with the body, to still the mind and feel the soul.

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