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Marjolein Vos
hatha Astanga Led yoga
From a young age, Marjolein always wanted to help others, but she never quite knew how. She ended up studying Psychology in her hometown Amsterdam and there yoga entered her life. It was love at first sight. Her posture and energy changed, as well as how she perceived life. After her Masters, she found herself in an inner struggle. Topics like self-love and the soul weren’t even mentioned once during all those years. It had been all about the mind, without even considering the body. Yet when she moved the body during her practice, often emotions would rise to the surface. She found herself in a struggle, trying to fit into that world while at the same time going through her spiritual awaking led to a Burnout. In that challenging period, Marjolein discovered Yoga Nidra and her first experience blew her away. She walked out of the studio with new energy, empowered and inspired. Amazed by that powerful change inside her and triggered by her background in Psychology, she wanted to know more. More sessions followed and one day her heart guided her to pick up a card. It was a flyer for a Yoga Nidra teacher training. 
 In her training, her purpose in life became clear again, finally knowing now how to help others: by using her calming energy and soothing voice. By embracing her power, every week, she lets herself be inspired by the moment. She shares her stories and life lessons, coming straight from the heart. Marjolein also teaches Restorative yoga, which is perfect for those who like to move a little bit, yet still relax deeply. After a class with Marjolein, big chance you will feel deeply relaxed, inspired and ready for the rest of your day!
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