Marsha Broeke

After a period with a lot of lower backpain, which finally resulted in a hernia Marsha came in contact with Ashtanga Yoga. She immediately fell in love with the movements of body and breath connection.
She noticed that not only physically she was healing, but after a long period of being really shy and insecure she started feeling better in her own body.

One day her teacher advised her to become a teacher. Despite the fear of ever being in front of a class she listened to her heart and followed the teacher training. Experiencing lots of love and wisdom from her teachers, processing it to her own way of teaching, she became a teacher who is sensitive, modest yet strong and most off all in toch with herself and her students

Marsha succesfully completed the 200 hours teachertraining with Katiza and Sahaj.
The Path of Ashtanga yoga with Claudia Pradella (50 hours). Followed workshops with Govinda Kay, Lino Miele, Luke Jordan and many more.

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