Martine Wieten

Who am I to say who I am? I read that somewhere and liked it a lot. After all, to write a bio is only to state who you think you are. It’s a concept. And I’m learning more and more not to believe everything I think. But let’s give it a go :-)

Loving everything that brings me closer to the heart. Learning to love the mystery of not knowing, or having to understand. To surrender a little more in that quiet place of the heart. That place which feels so familiar, but which can be covered up so easily. To cultivate gratitude for all that is given. Just like that. To let go of the idea that we are actually doing, and to feel that we are happening, being. This is my practice right now. This is what I hope to share.

Martine practices ashtanga yoga along with the teachings of Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj. At Delight Yoga she teaches ashtanga yoga. She’s also received the teachings of Shirley Woods, Claudia Pradella, and Eva Ugolini.


Martine's Classes

Martine teaches Ashtanga Led & Ashtanga Mysore

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Martine's Locations

Martine is a regular teacher at our De Clercqstraat studio in Amsterdam

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