Melanie Fissendjidis

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness made their beautiful entrance into Melanie’s life 10 years ago, while she was studying in England. She wholeheartedly dove into the yoga scene and started to explore different yoga styles.

In 2014 she learned about Yin yoga, which inspired and changed her in unimaginable ways. This gentle, yet powerful style of yoga, taught Melanie to listen to and respect her body and its boundaries. She discovered the freedom and joy of surrender, rather than ‘working hard to get it right’. A beautiful journey started of softening, opening and finding a sense of ease with what is. The effects Yin yoga had on the spaciousness in her body and mind, her energy levels and overall sense of fulfillment was obvious, yet she couldn’t wrap her head around it. What was happening here? A holistic Yin Yoga teacher training by Sofía Araujo, soothed her eager mind as she gradually began to understand the what’s and how’s of anatomy and Chinese medicine: the basis of Yin.

Not long after, Melanie hopped on a new adventure: a Stråla teacher program with Tara Stiles. Building on similar qualities of softness and ease, Stråla adds a splash of playfulness and molds it to a dynamic flow, that makes you dance through your practice rather than move from pose to pose. Stråla showed that exploring movement and stillness can be light, playful and creative!

With her Yin and Flow classes, Melanie is delighted to guide you into feeling and responding more accurately to your own body, your home. With respect, openness and a warm smile. She believes we’ve all got that warm, light and playful energy of sunshine inside of us. We just need to connect to those rays and radiate them out into the world. Ready?


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Melanie teaches Yin Yoga

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Melanie is a regular teacher at our Scheveningseweg studio in Den Haag

Scheveningseweg, Den Haag

Scheveningseweg 14

2517 KT Den Haag


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This spacious yoga studio is uniquely situated, opposite the Peace Palace in Den Haag. The beautifully designed studio offers three yoga shalas and a lounge to relax with a cup of tea.

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